Fishing Reports - Bligh Reef 3rd Oct 2012

Trout go bonkers at Bligh!


On the hunt for some big doggies on the surface today we headed out with Brandon, Dom (aka – papadom) and Darren. Approaching the shoal I was eager to get Brandon’s 200 gamma dancing across the surface. Sure enough on the first cast it was shadowed by a healthy doggie which managed to just come in for a look. Next up on Dom’s gamma a huge explosion from another doggie sent his lure hurtling across the surface missed again. Having a few more throws across the same shoal didn’t yield much attention at all unfortunately. Moving on and focusing our attention onto some GTs and potentially a nice Wrasse if one decided to swim past. Finding some smaller GTs and healthy Red Bass and once again big Trout. It has been awesome to see that the majority of the Trout have all been over the 7 kilo mark and the bigger ones pushing 12kilos. Catching four or five Trout in one drift all over 8 kilos is somewhat special to say the least. Well we having some more wind to contend with tomorrow so here’s hoping it is not too hard on us.


Yesterday I had an 88 year old on board and the aim for the day was to find this champ a fish that was not going to hurt him to much but still put a smile on his face. Dropping some big plastics to the bottom saw old mate catch an 8kg Trout on his own and then a big Barracuda which really put him to the test.. We also managed a variety of other species including Footballer Trout, Spangled Emperor and Red Bass.


We decided to go up on the flats for the morning for a bit of variety but as we got to the spot the current looked to good to pass up so we decided to go and have a quick troll before the tide was full enough to get up into the shallows. We had only just clicked the big tiagra into gear when it started to scream as an angry something blasted off in the other direction at a blistering pace that was almost definitely a doggie but unfortunately it was converted into a 150kg shark before we could get it to the boat! We managed a few Spanish Mackerel in quick succession after that before moving up onto the flats. The deeper blue holes on the flats produced some Red Bass, Coral Cod and a few other things that didn’t want to stop and ended in some spectacular bust offs! We then started making our way back towards the mother ship and stopped for a cast at a few bommies right on the edge of the reef. Dermott hooked a big Barracuda and as it came up we saw a big shadow looming underneath and our first thoughts were sharrrrk!! A few jumps later from the barracuda we realised that the shadow was actually a huge Cod that was trying to fit the cuda into its tip truck sized mouth!
We ended the day dropping some soft plastics landing some big Trout and a huge Black Spot Cod on the lighter rods which was a great effort.


First up this morning with a slight breeze blowing we decided to troll out the entrance for a doggie and had a couple of small bites and a few mackerel air raids, (which makes me quite nervous these days) before we decided to travel to the flats and chase some of the variety of reef specimens that call this wonderful place home. First the Trout started then the Wrasse and Red Bass made an appearance and some large Flowery Cod decided to take some lures home for trophies by days end we had lost 11 lures to some piscatorial denizens of the flats. Another fun day though even if it was mostly spent tying FGs!!!

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