Company Profile

Nomad Sportfishing Australia has provided pioneering & unique sportfishing adventures to some of the most remote parts of Australia for over 10 years. Exceptional service, quality and value for customers is at the core of everything we do.

Our first priority is to provide you with the very best bluewater fishing adventure holidays available through the use of the latest technology in boats, tackle, techniques and equipment, combined with stunning locations, outstanding service and great value for money.

Experienced crew, spectacular locations with the highest quality of service, and of course, awesome fishing, you will have no better host for your next fishing adventure than Nomad Sportfishing Adventures!


  • To ensure that guest satisfaction is the primary motivation for what we do at all times.
  • To provide totally professional, prompt, safe  and reliable service in everything we do
  • To operate in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner
  • To implement industry leading technology in the tackle, boats and systems that we utilise
  • To ensure that we have the most minimal impact possible on the environment at all of the locations we visit
  • To ensure that all fish we catch not for immediate consumption are returned in excellent condition. We use barbless hooks, and make every effort to ensure every fish’s survival