Fishing Reports - 55kg GT at Bligh Reef

For some reason over the last few years fishing the Bligh reef area, there has been a misconception that on average the GT’s caught here were generally smaller than specimens caught in the southern region of the Great Barrier Reef. This year was one to prove that this theory was as true as Plato’s theory of the world being flat! With more large numbers of big GT’s being landed in the four weeks spent at Bligh this year than any other location including our southern prime time spots.

One of the days fishing just north of Bligh we had raised some quality fish during the day. I had the boys from Goldburn onboard with me and they were insistent on raising the beasts we had seen in the weeks prior. Fraser had just hooked up and as the fish came up to the boat we knew it was a healthy one, taking a wrap and realizing then that the boga’s weren’t going to cut it we were urgently looking to get the lip gaff in but in the hast the fish went on a violent rampage and popped the leader. With all of us missing out on a decent photo opportunity – it was Fraser’s “fish of the trip”, and would have been an easy 40kg model.

As the boat drifted away we decided to gather ourselves and a quick re-rigging session was due. With everyone ready to go again I spotted a deeper Bommie sitting out from the edge which deserved a cast before moving on. On the first cast Fraser let go of his fresh leader and brand new Cubera 125, not long after he wound up the slack a fish appeared – briefly but extremely accurate it was gone again and Fraser’s rod buckled over. It was our time to redeem ourselves and after a long hauled battle the fish slowly started to surface and it was truly a beast of a fish which absolutely dwarfed the 35kilo model we had just lost at the boat. I estimated the fish to be between 55-60 kilos, and had a lower jaw to tail form measurement of 1.41m, we did not get a girth, but the pic clearly shows it as a big fish, and the guys in the photo are both over 6’3″ which puts the fish in perspective.

This fish along with the 20 or more fish we boated over 40kilo mark while at Bligh this year really cemented the fact that our northern locations are head to head contenders with our southern locations as far as Big GT locations go.



Nick Milford

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  1. WENDY WALLACE says:

    Crikey, we know this bloke……lucky he didn’t have a heart attack. I bet we can do better next October!!

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