June, 2013

Nomad GT Tips and Tricks – Fishing Blue Holes



Everything you ever needed to know about how to fish blue holes on the Reef. This clip also filmed at Bugatti Reef


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Bugatti 01-06-2013

Chad – Awesome day out on the reef today, right off the bat we were into some very nice GTs and it carried on all morning. We were fishing West of the anchorage in a very sheltered part of the reef with bombies dotted everywhere, conditions were perfect. In the afternoon […]

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Bugatti 31-05-2013

Glanville:- After an interesting steam out to the reef we prepared for our day, wet weather armour and all we charged out to hunt some fish down. The morning started off better than I expected and before lunch we already had 5 GTs in the boat in some pretty ordinary […]

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Bugatti 25-05-2013

Alex- Thankfully the weather man was wrong today, the 25knots did not come. So fishing conditions were nice all day. We made the most of the calmer weather and chased some GTs early. It took quite a few follows, pack attacks and takes before we started converting the fish but at the […]

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Yellowfin at Frederick

PDF Download Yellowfin at Frederick Reef

From Fishing World May 2013 Cover Story


We’re heading to Frederick Reef on a 9 day extended trip this August, check out the details here:

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