March, 2013

Damon’s Daily Blog – Marine reserves and dinner with the LNP

Welcome to my daily chatter session. I’ll be trying to add something here every day i’m in the office to let you know what’s going on in the world of Nomad Sportfishing and Nomad Tackle, and share some of the daily issues, funny stories and general chaos that goes on in the course of operating […]

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Bugatti Reef Feb 2013

The first cast for the morning got the guys screaming, a sky rocketing mackerel launched on the lure and screamed off with line before we subdued him for a picture and set him free. Not a bad start and with excitement still high we set ourselves for another drift, second cast saw an awesome fish from the bommie edge and absolutely destroyed the lure and 32kg later a solid GTs was held up for pictures…….

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