August, 2012

Marion Reef 27th Aug

Monday 27th August

Clint: It was a real mixed bag of fish out here on the Coral Sea today. We got wahoo, cudas, all types of tuna, doggies and reefies. The place seemed to be really alive. First drop back of the lures this morning we got monstered by a huge doggie. The thing ate […]

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Marion Reef 26th Aug

Sunday 26th August

Peter: It was the first full day’s fishing with the new group of guys today and the morale on the boat was very high. The plan was to head west to a section of reef that hasn’t been explored much as yet and the thought of going to unfished ground was getting […]

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Marion Reef 25th Aug

Trip Report 25/8 – Changeover Day 

Peter: The new guys flew in this arve and we had a quick 2 hour setion of doggie mayhem. We would of boated between 10-15 good fish the biggest going around the 25kg mark. It was then to the beach for some beers and food to watch the sun […]

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Marion Reef 24th Aug

Daily Trip Report 24/8 – 

Peter: Great conditions out on the water today and so was the fishing. The day was all about boating a massive Doggie. First pass in the spot we’ve been seeing big fish we hooked 3 giants on the 30 wides that were simply unstoppable and somehow they all found the […]

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Marion Reef 23rd Aug

Guides Report 21st of June – Pete has a blinder

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Marion Reef 22nd Aug

Daily Report: Wednesday 22/08/2012 

Clint: The weather settled today and we were able to spread our wings so I headed to the wild west. We trolled for most of the day and the doggies were really on the chew we ended up with double figures the biggest going 25+kg. We also managed to snag some […]

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Marion Reef 21st Aug

Daily Report: Tuesday 21/08/2012 

Peter: We set out this morning to chase a sail fish and a couple of Doggies on the troll. We rose 2 sails and hooked one of them only to jump him off. Four Doggies were boated while I was marking up some jigging ground. The first jigs were deployed and […]

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Marion Reef 19th Aug

Sunday 19th Aug


The wind was up today but there were still fish to be caught, with the new guys onboard they were keen as to catch whatever was chewing. We set out to fish a shoal this morning and it was going off with doggies. We did a troll first thing with surface […]

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Marion Reef 17th Aug

Friday 17th Aug


We started of the day with a troll for a sailfish as they are proving to be in numbers around here. 2 fish were raised and we managed to set the hooks in 1 for a couple of minutes before the hooks pulled. We also hooked either a Marlin or a massive […]

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Elusive Reef 15th Aug

Wednesday 15th Aug


Arriving at Marion this morning  was a comforting sight!!! We got the boats off and headed out as quick as possible…. We got to the entrance of the reef and decided to do a little trolling straight up and we hadn’t got out of the lagoon yet and we had our […]

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