March, 2012

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The very latest daily reports barely 12 hours old you will find on facebook…

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Catching GTs: tip two

Second point and possibly the most important, know your tides!!!! What time they change and how much water is in each change. In this article we are going to show you exactly how to work a reef with the tides for the best fishing possible!…

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Introducing the Cush-it

Introducing the Cush-it
If you fish, then you should watch this video!

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Elusive Reef Drive Out Trip Report Jan 2012

Almost a month had passed over the Christmas break and all of the guides were starting to get the ‘itch’ again. Just as well we had an early charter this year dodging the low pressures off the central Queensland coast this time of year can be pretty interesting, but the GT’s will still be there waiting for us…..

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Guides Report 3 March 2012

Peter: Awesome conditions this morning out on the water. The day started of with a bang hitting a ledge that was absolutely crawling with GTs. We managed to pick up 8 good size GTs before 9 o’clock this morning. We ended up seeing fish in numbers right through the run out tide between packs of GTs […]

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Guides Report 2 March 2012 – Glass out conditions

Glanville:- its awesome when a plan comes together!!! I had 2 guys with me today and we set out to catch GTs early while the they were charged up, after a quick session on the Longtail tuna for a warm up we made some casts at a sexy looking pressure edge and I think it […]

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Guides Report 1 March 2012 – “Buffet of fish”!

Glanville:- We set off today with a very relaxed group of guys who wanted to bend the rods with anything that swims so I thought we would start with a few GTs!!! After a short casting lesson the game was on and in an hour of fishing we had 4 GTs to the boat and […]

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Bligh Reef Big Fish Battles Bust Offs

Read this Bigh Reef Battle Busting article from sportfishing australia…

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29 Feb 2012 – Tuna galore for Clint while Pete guides 2 anglers to their first ever GTs!

Peter: The guys arrived to us at around 1 o’clock today and they were pumped to be out here and on the water. The 2 guys I had wanted to experience catching their first GT. We started off with a few practice casts in the shallows with the heavy outfits. Once the boys were ready […]

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Nomad Celebrates 10 years of Charters

We celebrated 10 years of charter operation in December 2011. The above video takes you through a brief history of Nomad Sportfishing, from our first boats at Fraser Island, through to building the 80ft Odyssey in 2005, and then through some of our adventures over the past 10 years…….

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