May, 2009

Bugatti Reef April 2009

This was GT fishing and general sportfishing simply as good as you could ever hope to see. Were blessed with great weather, heaps of fish, and many great groups of guests for this block of trips. The spanish mackerel were prolific at times, the GTs were just everywhere……

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Awesome fishing everyday

Awesome fishing everyday, great staff, great food in such a remote area. I will never forget my last cast, hit the bommie at 3 o’clock and BANG, a 35kg GT. NEVER GIVE UP!!!


Sandy & Tim Angus, 16 May 2009

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agreed with over the last several

What I not agreed with over the last several years is what it has turned into a kind of a show or day of anticipation, like there something exciting happening. Unless you specifically ask to get moved, this is a terrible lead up to this day. And I don find the tone or the messaging […]

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For confirmed soccer enthusiasts

For confirmed soccer enthusiasts, wherever they are in the world, many items of authentic soccer gear are an attraction; not just authentic soccer jerseys. So if you’re looking for authentic soccer jerseys and more, why not click through on our link today and see what’s in store for you. You or someone you love could […]

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